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Yes. In business as in life, the best way to get something of value is to ask for it. In a world where 90%+ of consumers look for reviews before making a purchase, a number of (accurate) reviews from clients is invaluable to both businesses and to the communities they serve.

Simply stated, when a client shares an accurate review of their experiences with local businesses, everyone wins.

No. Paying for reviews, offering incentives for reviews etc. violates the DuoLocal terms of service.

If you are aware of a business violating the rules regarding reviews, please report them using the “Report” button above.

No. Some review sites have been accused of pressuring local businesses to buy ads then showing negative reviews and hiding positive reviews when they refuse to purchase ads.

At DuoLocal Directory, we do not manipulate reviews / ratings based on our financial relationship with businesses or the lack of one and we never pressure businesses to spend money with us by using threats or manipulating their ratings.

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Critical Reasons to Claim or Add a Listing Now

Learn some of the ways your business benefits with a DuoLocal Business Listing.

Get started with a free listing (add your website, get emailed requests and much more) or upgrade to a featured listing with advanced display and lead generation features.

Surveys indicate that:

  • 90% of customers won’t take action regarding a purchase or new business relationship until they read reviews.
  • 15% of potential clients don’t trust businesses without reviews.

Build stronger trusted relationships with your clients and your community by growing your business listing profile with great, authentic reviews.

Our Featured Listing plans include a number of enhanced marketing options for increasing the visibility of your business on listing pages, in industry specific portals and other premium locations throughout our network.

Among other opportunities, businesses with Featured Listing Subscriptions may be presented with opportunities to be featured in our Wellness Blogcast (blog and podcast) as appropriate or post articles to be featured in our Wellness Network.

Blogcast entries, articles, events, job postings, courses etc. belonging to a company with a premium listing may be added to the listing page to further promote products and services, enhance professional standing and build stronger trusted relationships with clients and the community.

In business, as in life, the best way to get what you want is to ask for it.

At DuoLocal, we encourage businesses to engage in open conversations with their customers, including asking them to share their experiences with the community; for everyone’s benefit.

This can be done by directly asking your clients for a review in person, by including a request in your follow up / feedback request email, on your social media pages, in direct email invitations etc.

How to ask your customers for a review – the right way.

Included below is a possible starting point for requesting a review for your business on

“Hello [CLIENT NAME], as a valued client, we’d like to request your assistance in reaching out to other members of our community by adding a review about your experiences with [BUSINESS NAME] on

If you are open to sharing your experiences with us, please visit: (REPLACE WITH THE URL FOR YOUR LISTING’S PAGE)

We hope that this will give others in the community a better idea of who we are as a practice and help us to better serve everyone.

Thank you,

Can I ask my client to give my business a positive review on

No. You may ask for a review but you may not tell your client the specific content they should include. Specifically asking for a positive review is considered an abuse of our system.

Can I offer my client an incentive or reward in exchange for their review?

No. Doing so is considered an abuse of our system.

Can I hire or ask someone to add reviews to my DuoLocal business listing?

No. Doing so is considered an abuse of our system. 

Are there penalties for fake reviews or violating our listing / reviews policy?


Showing your DuoLocal business listing reviews on your website or social media pages is a great way to show how much your business is respected by your customers and can help to make your business more attractive to new clients.

We offer an easy way for you to embed or display your listing reviews on your website or other pages.

Featured listing pages do not include advertising including links to the DuoLocal Dentist Near Me / DuoLocal Pros network.

Featured listing pages do not display links to the listing pages of your company’s competitors.

Manage your practice / business contact and other details and update details when there are changes in your business.

Add special business pitch and notices for your clients and community.

See what your clients are saying about your business, the impression potential clients are getting about your business and have the ability to respond and improve your customer service / customer satisfaction.

90% of customers check reviews before making a purchase and a significant number of potential clients don’t want to take the risk of doing business with a company with no reviews or lackluster reviews.

Potential clients are more likely to choose businesses which are engaged with existing customers and take visible steps to communicate and address issues when they occur.

After claiming your DuoLocal Business Listing, you’ll receive notifications of new reviews and will be able to respond to them.

Ensure that inquiries intended for your business go to your business and not your competition. If any of the contact info for your business is incorrect, it will prevent new clients from contacting you.

Join the DuoLocal Pros referral program for access to additional new client requests in your market and the Duolocal Pros Network.

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