Cosmetic Dentistry and Your Beautiful Smile

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Humans are by nature driven by a desire to feel and be perceived as beautiful. This is demonstrated throughout history going back to the ancient Egyptians who were famous for their beauty regimens designed to keep them looking young, in this life and the next.

Propelled by selfies, social media posts and Zoom calls, the desire by larger and larger segments of our population to be perceived as beautiful and to feel beautiful is at a fevered pitch.

In addition to popular surgeries and injections, people are increasingly turning to cosmetic dentistry to help them achieve their beauty goals.

While Cosmetic Dentistry isn’t officially recognized as a dental specialty by the American Dental Association, the fact that the search term “cosmetic dentistry” garners close to 1 billion search results in Google indicates the popularity and interest in dental services for cosmetic reasons / for more beautiful smiles.

While all General Dentists (200 million search results) are technically Cosmetic Dentists, some who use the moniker promote the belief that Cosmetic Dentists aspire to greater standards of cosmetic enhancements, smile design and promote the need for continuing education and continuing enhancement of their skills.

Top Cosmetic Dental Treatments include:

Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers aka dental porcelain laminates or porcelain veneers are tooth colored custom shells made to cover the front of teeth to make them look more attractive.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening is a popular cosmetic dental procedure for improving the aesthetic appearance of teeth. There are a variety of teeth whitening options including professional whitening solutions provided at a dentist’s office including laser whitening, at home whitening systems, whitening toothpastes, over the counter whitening strips and gels and whitening rinses.

Dental Implants

Dental Implants are replacement roots for teeth aka tooth roots. Dental implants provide permanent fixed or removable foundations for replacement teeth and may be used in case of tooth loss, decay, injury or periodontal disease.

Dental Bonding

Dental Bonding or Teeth Bonding is a procedure used to improve the appearance of teeth thereby improving a person’s smile.

A tooth colored resin is applied and hardened so that it bonds the material to the tooth.

Typical uses for dental bonding include changing the size or shape of teeth, to repair decayed, chipped or cracked teeth or generally improve the appearance of teeth.

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