Protecting Your Family’s Dental Health Post Covid-19

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Among the many aspects of our lives negatively impacted by nationwide Coronavirus lockdowns is our dental health.

Now that most Americans are emerging from a year or more of pandemic lockdowns and are slowly returning to work, friends and their everyday lives, visits to dentists are also on the rise.

As in other medical specialties, dentists are reporting increases in dental health issues which are being attributed to poor diet, lax dental routines, and the lack of access to professional dental services due to our extended lockdowns.

Dentists report significant increases in stress related incidents of jaw clenching and tooth grinding as well as increased observations of cavities, tooth decay, gum disease, jaw pain, headaches, cracked or chipped teeth and other issues such as periodontal disease in patients.

As we return to our pre-pandemic routines, dentists suggest the following recommendations to help us return to optimal dental health.

Schedule a Dental Visit

Most dental offices which closed during the pandemic have now either re-opened or are in the process of re-opening. Most offices have also implemented Covid-19 safety procedures to protect patients and staff during a visit.

Improve Your Diet

An unhealthy diet, especially one with high amounts of sugar and carbohydrates can lead to a variety of health and dental issues.

During pandemic lockdowns when many people remained home for extended periods of time, the general health (and dental health) of countless Americans suffered due to food insecurity, the consumption of unhealthy foods, stress eating and snacking.

To improve your dental health, dentists recommend cutting down on snacks as well as acidic and sugary foods and drinks. As with general nutrition, it is recommended that everyone consume the recommended daily amounts of healthy fruit and vegetables.

Use the Right Dental Tools

Choose the right dental tools for you. This includes picking the toothpastes, toothbrushes, mouth washes, tongue scrapers and flosses etc. that you are comfortable with and are more likely to use on a regular basis.

Electric toothbrushes are often packed with advanced features and are highly recommended by dental professionals.

Brush and Floss Often

Brushing often is an excellent way to safeguard the health of your teeth and guard against unwanted issues. Brushing your teeth and / or rinsing your mouth after snacks and meals is highly recommended. Chewing sugarless gum may be helpful if you are unable to brush or rinse immediately after eating.

Be on the Guard for Dental Issues

Dental issues may indicate the lack of an appropriate dental routine or may be indicative of a more serious dental health issue.

If you experience something out of the ordinary (eg: teeth grinding, jaw pain, swollen or bleeding gums or a range of other issues) it is recommended that you speak with your dental professional for guidance.

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